• Len's Team

Family-Friendly Home Remodeling Ideas

Kids bring a lively energy into your home, and now that you’ve made the decision to remodel, you’re seeking kid-friendly home remodeling ideas that the whole family loves. Creating a home environment that is both functional and fun for kids is possible when you adapt suitable solutions for rooms such as the kitchen, living area and exterior of your home.

Focus on functionality and safety

Bring the living area into the kitchen: by removing walls that separate a living space or dining area from the kitchen, mom and dad may prepare a meal and still keep an eye on the kids.

Beware of open windows: new windows are a must for home remodelers with small children. Old or dysfunctional windows can be a safety hazard for young children, especially on upper levels of the home. Upgrading windows can open up a space, save energy costs, and keep children safe.

Durable flooring: updating old carpet with durable wood flooring can help minimize messes, reduce allergens, and make cleanup easier. Use a light shade of flooring to make small rooms feel large and airy.

Parents with young children are especially concerned about home safety, both in terms of design and the remodeling process itself. New products and designs focused on safety will guarantee your next remodeling project is kid-friendly.

Kid-proofing the outdoors

One of the first areas toddlers will want to explore is outside. Target outdoor play areas, and make sure the landscaping is safe for young explorers.

Dig into these easy outdoor renovation ideas:

Avoid uneven landscaping or turf: fill in holes and gaps to avoid tripping hazards; level turf will help prevent foundation issues and flooding.

Section off garden areas: tiny hands in the garden may touch things they should not; keep gardens partitioned and gardening tools out of reach.

Pool covers are a must: covers or fences keep kids and pets safe and are required by code in some cases.

Open Floor Plans

Parents need a watchful eye on young children at all times — easier said than done, right? Open floor plans make that job easier.

Hidden Door Passage

If the idea of a hidden passageway intrigues you, why not have one created for your family room?

Built-in wall bookshelves are the ideal place to hide a hidden door that only you and your kids know how to open. A secret button or switch opens a section of the bookcase to reveal a staircase, or pathway to another room. Yes, this is just like something out of a movie.

If you’re a parent with remodeling goals, Len's team can help you get the job done safely and with family-friendly solutions that won’t break the bank.