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5 Tips for a Basement Bedroom Remodel

A basement bedroom remodel can enhance your living experience and increase property values. However, the wrong approach can leave you with a bedroom you don't enjoy—and a safety hazard.

When choosing a professional to deliver a high-quality New Jersey basement remodel, make sure they can provide the finished product you want. Whether you're adding a new basement bedroom or upgrading an existing one, consider these five tips for your basement renovation.

1. Make Sure It's Up To Code

Safety is a priority when renovating your basement to include a bedroom. Your home must have a basement walkout to meet New Jersey building codes to accommodate this type of room.

In most cases, adding a walkout feature to your basement isn't possible without extensive renovations. Since the home design requires special excavation consideration, your floorplan must include a walkout during the home's initial construction.

If you don't have a walkout, don't despair about your basement! Consider other types of New Jersey basement renovations, including an additional family room or game room.

2. Choose the Right Flooring

Basements can be damp and prone to water leaks from cracking foundations and pipes. For this reason, you probably haven't noticed many hardwood floors when visiting the basements of friends and family.

When it's time to pick the flooring for your new basement bedroom, choose laminate or plush carpeting. These materials are better suited for potentially damp conditions. They're also more cost-effective than hardwood flooring.

3. Set a Budget

A basement renovation can become expensive if you don't have a budget before you start. Depending on the unfinished state of your basement before work begins, preparing the space for the comforts of a bedroom can be costly.

Work with professionals who deliver a design and materials that fit your budget. Make sure your team understands what you have to work with while delivering a quality basement bedroom you'll love.

4. Design the Best Layout

The basement bedroom layout makes a difference—especially if it's only a portion of your basement that includes other usages. Allow enough space for a double bed and in-room storage. Don't forget a closet, and add a bathroom (with shower and sink) to make the bedroom into a desirable suite.

5. Finish the Ceiling

Imagine laying in bed in your new bedroom basement and looking up at a ceiling full of pipes and ductwork. It might not be the most comfortable bedtime experience!

When setting your budget and creating the design, include drywall or paint ideas to finish the ceiling. Covering unsightly pipes and ducts makes the bedroom feel more like part of the house instead of a hasty basement addition.

Choose the Right Experts for a Basement Bedroom Remodel

A basement bedroom remodel should be fun and stress-free. Len's Remodeling & Contracting Services has the experience you need to deliver a new bedroom with quality services and materials.

Consultation appointments are always free. Bring your ideas, and let us handle the rest! Contact us to schedule an appointment and discuss your new basement bedroom.